Join us on the air or in person

There is a weekly net every Monday night at 9:00pm local Eastern Time on the (2M) 147.285(+600) repeater. All local amateur radio operators are welcome to join in.

A monthly meeting is held at the Dearborn County EOC on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM local time. The meeting is for both RACES and LVARC.

Field Day Picture Archive

Several years of Field Day pictures are now available. Click here to see a list.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

RACES is comprised of local licensed amateur radio operators, sometimes called "hams." Governed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules (part 97), RACES works solely at the discretion of local government agencies to provide emergency communications during times of disasters or emergency situations to supplement local government agencies. When activated they provide a very mobile source of communication capabilities. (ARES vs. RACES FAQ)

Dearborn County RACES

The Dearborn County, Indiana organization was formed in the aftermath of the tornado disaster in June of 1990 in which parts of the northern part of the county where devastated. Through the efforts of several of the local amateur radio operators much of the data collecting needed for the Red Cross and local agencies was completed. The following year the local RACES group was formed. At present the group has approximately (18) members on call as needed by the Dearborn County Emergency Management Agency director. Click here for more info.

Laughery Valley Amateur Radio Club (LVARC)

The local Laughery Valley Amateur Radio Club (LVARC) maintains a (2Meter) 147.285MHz, a (220 MHz) 224.840 (PL tone 146.2) and a (440 MHz) 443.875MHz repeater which are available for use as needed.

Thanks to Paul Nielander, KD9AZW, we have some pictures of the 2 Meter repeater site and the 70 Centimeter repeater site.

Amateur's interested in membership can send an LVARC application form. For more information contact Dave Mayer by e-mail and put Laughery Valley Amateur Radio Club Information in the subject block. Click here for more info.

Daily Precipitation Observations

Many local RACES & LVARC members report the amount of rain or snow to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Thousands of these volunteer observations help NOAA confirm the data they collect via radar and other sources. Previously the observations were collected via Amateur Radio and emailed to NOAA. Now each observer enters their own data via the CoCoRaHS website. More info is available at this website. You must register and log in to make reports.